Jan Horkż, executive chef Sabores Tapas & Vinos

Jan Horkż, executive chef
Sabores Tapas & Vinos

The concept of tapas is a very popular form of dining out mainly in the south of Europe. The local people like to combine wine with small snacks and a lot of talking. Talking mainly about eating and about the pleasures of life.

Lunch is playfully stretched into the late afternoon and goes smoothly at the dinner. Exactly this atmosphere pulsating locales so impressed us that we decided to transfer a little bit of Spain to Prague.

Blini with smoked salmon are a classic that never fails. However, it is always important to place emphasis on the origin and quality of fish used. In the flavours and structure of the fish can be significant differences, if we resort to some cheaper option. Quail egg is not only a cute decoration, but also very delicious creamy complement the flavors. In addition, it is a very healthy alternative to traditional chicken eggs.

We highlighted the smoky taste of smoked salmon, properly, we can replenish with the wine Verdejo from the region of Rueda. Ceviche in the form of tapas are fantastic taste, when a person does not hungry, but craving for something small and very refreshing. Variants of ceviche is the world about as well as poppy. This dish supposedly has its roots in Spain, but urbanized in Peru, where he is posing as their national dish thanks to the great popularity of seafood and fish. Raw fish is only marinated in the juice of a lemon, lime or other sour fruit. The lightness of this dish we can still intensify the sparkling delicious cava from Catalonia.

 Sabores Tapas & Vinos

Small patties tacos from wheat flour can be filled with virtually anything. We really enjoy seafood, so we chose a combination of the octopus with papaya and peanut sauce. This combination of heat and blend together the sweet and salty taste and at the same time, the freshness of the cucumbers. The tacos won't make a mistake when you reach for a lighter red wine from the Rioja region.

You say that the fried calamari and my shrimp are ruined nothing can surprise you? Mistake. This combination together with a pea puree and lemon mayonnaise served on a potato chips are simply the star of any celebration. You don't have to never worry that you've done too much, because he is after them in the dust immediately. If you can dish out some wine, than completely disappear from the earth's surface, we recommend you to definitely a Sauvignon Blanc from the Spanish wine region of Rueda.

At the end of each lunch or dinner a moment for the obligatory dessert. Perhaps the most famous Spanish sweet dot at the end is crema catalana. In France we find a similar dessert known as creme brulee. The French and the Spanish are still arguing about the true origin of this dessert and they cannot agree whether the first cook on the north or south side of the border. Unforgettable is the moment when you dip a spoon into the caramel sugar on the surface and through the poured soft vanilla cream. And for dessert it's time for wine, this time we can choose for example, pink sparkling wine cava from the Catalan Penedťsu or reaching for a glass of sherry from the stormy Andalusia

Jan Horkż and Sabores Tapas & Vinos team

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