Best Prague Pubs and Breweries

Are you looking for outstanding pubs with local beer in Prague?

Beer is very popular in Czech Republic. Its production is characterised by top quality and a tradition going back centuries. They produce the unique Czech lager (bottom-fermented beer). Beer is consumed mainly in special beer halls or pubs. We bring you a selection of famous pubs and breweries where you can enjoy beer and local atmosphere.

Pilsner Restaurant in Municipal House
Prague 1, Náměstí republiky 5, Phone: 222 002 770

Art Nouveau style Pilsner restaurant in Municipal House offers traditional czech cuisine and famous Pilsner beer. Every evening live accordion music. One of the most beatiful pubs in Prague.

Restaurant Lokál
Prague 1, Dlouhá 33, Phone: 222 316 265

Restaurant Lokál, a member of the Ambiente group, is a seventies-style pub, with an interior and dishes to match. Tanked Pilsner Urquell beer on tap.

Restaurant U Bílé Kuželky
Prague 1, Míšeňská 66/12, Phone: 257 212 014

Restaurant U Bílé kuželky in the Malá strana district of Prague, a member of the Ambiente group, has tanked Pilsner Urquell beer on draught and serves a variety of traditional Czech dishes, such as “taliány” sausages, pork and offal specialties, beef cheeks and so on.

Brewery U Tří růží
Prague 1, Husova 10, Phone: 225 226 650

The brewery U Tří růží in the centre of Prague regularly brews 6 of its own types of beer, freshening up its range all the time. Traditional Czech dishes are served to accompany the beer, for example leg of duck with plum sauce and roast duck with hop dumplings.

Pivnice U Pinkasů
Praha 1, Jungmannovo nám. 15/16, Tel: 221 111 150

One of the most famous pubs in Prague is U Pinkasů. It is the oldest Pilsner pub in the capital city serving draught Pilsner beer from the tank and classic Czech cuisine. The pub is on several floors and also has a cellar, which is open until the early hours of the morning, and a pleasant inner garden next to the wall of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows, which is wonderfully cool in the summer.

Baráčnická Rychta
Praha 1, Tržiště 23, Tel: 257 532 461

The Baráčnická Rychta Restaurant in Malá Strana serves Pilsner and Svijany beer. You can try Svijany máz, 13° yeast beer, black caramel beer or Svijany semi-dark unfiltered beer. The restaurant also offers excellent Czech cuisine and various cultural events are often held here.

Potrefená Husa Na Verandách
Praha 5, Nádražní 84/43, Tel: 257 191 200

Brewery restaurant Potrefená husa Na Verandách marries good, honest Czech and international cuisine with the beer hall style and draught Staropramen. Beer is served unfiltered, direct from the tank.

Malostranská Beseda pub
Prague 1, Malostranské náměstí 21, Phone: 257 409 112

The magnificent cellars of the famous “Malostranská Beseda" building on Malostranské náměstí itself are home to a recently re-opened pub that serves tanked Pilsner Urquell beer on tap.

Brewery U Supa
Prague 1, Celetná 22, Phone: 734 441 892

Brewery U Supa is located in one of the oldest historical building in Celetna street (the old Royal Route). Traditional Czech cuisine, lovely garden terrace with historical fountain. Own brewed beer "Lager U Supa"

Pub and brewery U Fleků
Prague 1, Křemencova 11, Phone: 224 934 019

The U Fleků pub and brewery is one of the most famous spots in Prague. Here you can sample the characteristic dark beer that has been brewed here since the 19th century. The rooms in the restaurant are spacious, historic. You can even enjoy the beer here in the inner garden during the summer.

Monastic Brewery Strahov
Prague 1, Strahovské nádvoří 301, Phone: 233 353 155

The Strahov monastery is home to a micro-brewery that produces its own “Svatý Norbert” beer, an amber or dark brew that is accompanied by seasonal beer specialties throughout the year.

Malostranská Beseda

Beer U Tří růží

Pilsner Restaurant in Municipal House

Czech beer in Lokal

St. Norbert dark

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