Wild boar in red wine

Wild boar shoulder 200 g
Vegetable oil 3 cl
Juniper g, Thyme, Bay leaves, Pepperberries 1 g
Butter 10 g
Red wine 1 dl
Bacon 12 g
Onion 12 g
Cranberries 50 g
Sugar 40 g
Lemon 11 g
Demi-glace sauce 10 g
Salt, Pepper
Herbs for decoration


Farina flower 80 g
Full-cream milk 1,7 dl
Butter 28 g
Salt 1 g
1 Egg
Butter for coating 3 g

Debone the wild boar shoulder, cut into small chunks and marinate for 24 hours in juniper, thyme and red wine. Bake the meat and add chopped onion, bacon cut in small cubes, bay leaf, whole pepper, game seasoning, salt and continue baking with the meat until dark, pour some red wine and pot-roast until soft. Remove the meat, add demi-glace sauce (made from the wild boar bones and vegetables), reduce all and mix with butter.


Bring the milk, butter and salt to boil and add the farina flower gradually stirring constantly. When the mixture stops sticking to the pan, remove from the heat. After it cools down, add the egg and shape the gnocchi using a spoon, then put into boiled salty water for four minutes, then take out and coat in butter.


Reduce the sugar with wine and water, after reducing, stir in lemon and lime juice and peel and Georgian cognac. Add fresh cranberries and cook together for about 10 – 15 minutes. Strain and continue reducing to get a thick consistency, add cranberries.

Kanèí plec na vínì s noky