Celebrate Easter in best Prague restaurants

Do you want to celebrate Easter eve in one of the outstanding Prague restaurants? Try the traditional Czech Easter menu.

Recommended restaurants in Prague:

Gourmet restaurant in hotel Hoffmeister, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Pod Bruskou 7, hotel Hoffmeister, Phone: 251 017 111

Hotel restaurant Hoffmeister has prepared special 4 course menu for Easter. Beef carpaccio with truffle slices, consommé from capon with nettle gnocchi, grilled lamb chops with asparagus ragout sauce and wild garlic and strawberry tartar with mousse of white chocolate.

Price per two: 790 CZK

Restaurant U Malířů 1543, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Maltézské náměstí 11, Phone: 257 211 014

Restaurant U Malířů has prepared traditional menu for Easter. Rabbit liver pate, traditional easter stuffing, creamy soup of ramson, spring roll with Guinea fowl, stewed lamb shoulder with spring vegetables and traditional easter sweet bread with raisins and advocate liquer sauce and rhubarb.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Atrium, 16. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Pobřežní 1, Hotel Hilton Prague, Phone: 224 841 111

Restaurant in hotel Hilton Prague has prepared special Easter brunch with rich hot and cold buffet. Special kids´ programme and buffet.

Price per person: 1.150 CZK, children under 6 years free, 7 -12 50% discount

Restaurant Triton, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Václavské nám. 26, Phone: 221 081 218

Restaurant Triton has prepared special 4 course Easter menu. Salad of spring onions, chicory, lettuce salads and poached egg, parsnip cream with dandelion oil, roast knee of lamb with herbs and chocolate cookie. Glass of Pálffy sekt Brut with menu free of charge.

Price per person: 811 CZK

Restaurant Luka Lu, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Praha 1, Újezd 33, Tel: 257 212 388

Luka Lu, restaurant in Lesser Town, has prepared special Easter menu. Pita bread with spinach and cheese, octopus salad, Dalmatian prosciutto, rabbit leg, monkfish filet or roastbeef with tuna sauce, yolk cream "srenokle" and steamed apple with nuts.

Cena za osobu: A la carte

Restaurant Kalina cuisine & vins, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Dlouhá 12, Phone: 222 317 715

Restaurant Kalina has prepared special menu for Easter. Fricassee of goatling insides with quail egg and parsley dumpling, poached egg with creamy morels and green asparagus, roasted dairy goatling with nettle filling, fricassee of spring vegetables and chive potato.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Lavande, 15. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 5, Lidická 2, Phone: 734 322 351

Restaurant Lavande has prepared special Easter menu. Creamy Young spinach soup with poached egg, confit rabbit leg with rosemary and garlic, young chicken roulade filled with wild garlic stuffing, fresh pasta tagliatelle with lamb ragout and profiteroles filled with egg yolk cream, chocolate sauce.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Sarah Bernhardt, 14. 4. - 18. 4. 2017
Prague 1, U Obecního domu 1, Hotel Paříž, Phone: 222 195 195

Sarah Bernhardt, restaurant in Art Nouveau style, offers special 4 course menu for Easter. Rabitt pâte wrapped in bacon with spinach and dandelion salad, asparagus cream with herb croutons, roasted rack of lamb with rosemary and garlic, nettle and Prague ham stuffing, chocolate tower made from Valrhona chocolate with pistachio ice-cream.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Platina, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Karolíny Světlé 29, Phone: 239 009 244

Restaurant Platina offers special 4 course Easter menu. Roulade of pork tenderloin stuffed with asparagus served with carrot puree, spinach soup with poached egg and fried bacon, rabbit leg roasted with onion and garlic and biscuit roll with fresh strawberries.

Price per person: 625 CZK

Restaurant Hradčany Savoy, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Keplerova 6, hotel Savoy, Phone: 224 302 430

Luxury restaurant in hotel Savoy has prepared 4 course Easter menu. Shalotte-herb cake, smoked duck breast, variation of spring lettuce salads, soft nettle creamy soup, rabbit kare larded with Easter stuffing or Herb-crusted saddle of lamb or risotto, Pecorino Collesardo and chocolate Easter lamb wit vanilla ice-cream.

Price per person: 1.090 CZK

La Bottega Gastronomica, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 2, Ondříčkova 17, Phone: 222 725 514

Bistro La Bottega Gastronomica has prepared some specials for Easter. Home made ravioli stuffed with liquid ricotta, parmesan mousse and spinach pesto with baby spinach leaves, shredded lamb shank with wild garlic gnocchi, nettle chips and red beet sauce and dessert of choice.

Price per person: 750 CZK

La Bottega di Finestra, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Platnéřská 11, Phone: 222 233 094

La Bottega di Finestra offers Easter specials. Homemade pasta with artichokes, pecorino romano and dried olives, risotto with tarragon, green apples and rabbit kidneys or leg of lamb with carrot mash, baby spinach and garlic.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurace Aromi, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 2, Náměstí Míru 6, Phone: 222 713 222

Italian restaurant Aromi has prepared 4 course Easter menu. Asparagus souffle, sorrel ice cream, creamy yellow carrot soup, wild garlic risotto, rabbit meat croquettes, liquorice sauce or milk lamb shoulder, ravioli filled with nettle, artichokes and chocolate egg.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Etnosvět, 16. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 2, Legerova 40, Phone: 226 203 880

Vegetarian restaurant Etnosvět has prepared special 3 course menu for Easter. Asparagus egg kadaif or vegetable moelleux with spinach and smoked bryndza, nut Wellington with sindried tomatoes and spring vegetables or Maroccan pastille with smoked tempeh, chocolate fondant.

Price per person: 600 CZK

Restaurant Anděl, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 5, Nádražní 114, Phone: 608 181 852

Pilsner restaurant Anděl has prepared spring menu for Easter. Duck giblet soup with bread-roll dumplings, potato gratin with 63 degree poached egg and morel sauce, rabbit roulade with young nettle stuffing or lamb saddle „sous vide“ in herb crust with lamb sausage.

Price per person: A la carte

La Bottega Linka, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Havlíčkova 13, Phone: +420 222 314 961

Italian bistro La Bottega Linka has prepared Easter specials. Soup of green asparagus, grilled calamari and dried cod, risotto with spring mushrooms and rabbit terrine or lamb chops herb stuffing and sauce of garlic confit.

Price per person: 950 CZK

Restaurant Augustine, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 1, Letenská 12/33, Hotel Augustine, Phone: 266 112 280

Augustine restaurant has prepared special 3 course Easter menu. Rabbit rillete with pumpkin seeds, veal sweetbread with green pea pannacotta, rack of lamb with nettle stuffing in puff pastry and carrot cake.

Price per person: 1.350 CZK

Restaurant Kulaťák, 14. 4. - 17. 4. 2017
Prague 6, Vítězné náměstí 820/12, Phone: 773 973 037

Pilsner restaurant Kulaťák has prepared traditional Easter menu. Creamy pea soup with lemon cream, roasted chicken with Easter stuffing, roasted leg of lamb with homemade potato gnocchi and homemade traditional Easter cake.

Price per person: A la carte

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