Best Prague restaurants - recommended places to eat

Are you looking for outstanding Prague restaurants to try the taste of typical Czech cuisine? We bring you a selection of restaurants all over
Prague that are worth your visit because of their delicious food and friendly service. Restaurants that you will love.

Recommended Prague restaurants with typical Czech cuisine:

Restaurant Malostranská beseda
Prague 1, Malostranské náměstí 21, Phone: 257 409 112
La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise (Michelin*)
Prague 1, Hastalska 18, Phone: 704 972 501
Restaurant Zvonice, game / venison
Prague 1, Jindřišská street, Jindřišská tower, Phone: 224 220 009

Restaurant Kuchyň, cuisine type: Czech
Prague 1, Hradčanské náměstí 186/1, Phone: 736 152 891

Restaurant La Gare, cuisine type: French
Prague 1, V Celnici 3, Phone: 222 313 712
Restaurant Lokal Dlouhááá, cuisine type: Czech pub
Prague 1, Dlouha 33, Phone: 222 316 265

Restaurant Terasa U Zlaté Studně (Golden Well), cuisine type: international
Prague 1, U Zlaté studně 166/4, Phone: 257 533 322

Our Tip: Restaurant Deer Preague
Excellent cuisine, taste of nature. Located next to the Old town Square.
Rabbit saddle with carrots, potatoes and brussels sprout and thyme sauce.

Restaurant Deer Prague. Rabbit saddle with carrots, potatoes and brussels sprout and thyme sauce.

Chefparade - Cooking classes for tourists
Chefparade chefs prepared cooking classes for those who want to learn how to cook traditional Czech meals in a fun & interactive way. A market tour guided by the chefs is included as well as several tastings and cooking with fresh local ingrediencies. Before each cooking class you will select your 3-course menu and the organizers will provide all the necessary ingredients. You can try goulash, apple strudel, Carlsbad dumplings and much more. Cooking classes are held in the morning from Monday to Saturday and end with lunch.

Drink: Signature cocktails in famous Buddha Bar

Bar located in famous luxury Buddha Bar hotel has prepared couple signature drinks. Mezcalita or Fruit Wok Blazer - a must try coctails.

New coctails in famous Buddha Bar

Old Bohemian style roasted duck - Traditional Czech recipe

Wash off the duck and get rid of fat excess. Rub salt and caraway into the skin of the duck. Place in a roasting pan. Roast duck in a preheated oven to 127 degrees C for 1 hour and 55 minutes.Neccessary to pour dripping over the duck during that time.

Meanwhile prepare a side dish – red cabbage. Strip off the outer leaves, wash, then slice into quarters, cut out the hard central core, then chop or shred. Put in the pot, add touch of vinegar, salt and sugar when cooking red cabbage in water. After 20 minutes thicken it with roux. Carve the duck and serve it with bread and potato dumplings and home-made red cabbage.

Old Bohemian style roasted duck

Traditional Czech Easter Stuffing - Recipe

Cut the plain white bread into cubes, roast in the oven until golden (cubes should not be layered on top of each other too much as they would roast unevenly) and allow to cool. Beat the eggs using an electric mixer (there is no need to beat the white and the yolk separately.. See more...

Wild boar in red wine

Traditional Czech recipe

Debone the wild boar shoulder, cut into small chunks and marinate for 24 hours in juniper, thyme and red wine. Bake the meat and add chopped onion, bacon cut in small cubes, bay leaf, whole pepper, game seasoning, salt and continue baking with the meat until dark, pour some red wine and pot-roast until soft. Remove the meat, add demi-glace sauce (made from the wild boar bones and vegetables), reduce all and mix with butter. See more...

Wild boar in red wine

Celebrate Easter in Prague restaurants

Do you want to celebrate Easter Eve in one of the outstanding Prague restaurants? Try the traditional Czech Easter menu. Recommended restaurants in Prague:

Celebrate Easter in Prague restaurants

Steaks and steakhouse restaurants in Prague

Where to go for steaks in Prague? For people who love meat and barbecues we have come up with a list of selected restaurants and steak houses in Prague that mainly focus on serving beef steaks.

Steak in Prague

Breakfast in Prague

A good, hearty breakfast really sets you up for the day. If you are planning on having breakfast at one of Prague’s fine restaurants or coffee houses, we have chosen a few establishments for you that we would recommended.

Breakfast in Prague

Brunch in Prague restaurants

Sunday Brunch is organized by several Prague restaurants. It is a connection of good meal, social event and Sunday relax. Brunch is something between breakfast and lunch, it usually starts befor lunch and lasts to afternoon hours.

Sunday Brunch in Prague restaurants

Live music in Prague restaurants

Live music is often a pleasant accompaniment to having a meal in a restaurant, something a bit different. That is why we decided to choose a few places for you in Prague where you can listen to live music, whether it be an unobtrusive piano or a bit of fiery Latin American rhythm.

Live music in restaurant CODA


All you can eat in Prague Restaurants

Mussels and oysters in Prague restaurants

Garden Restaurants in Prague

Snails at Christmas-time in Prague restaurants

Celebrate New Year Eve in Prague restaurants

Celebrate Christmas Eve in Prague restaurants

Celebrate Saint Valentine's Day in Prague restaurants

Snails (Escargot) in recommended Prague restaurants

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