Celebrate Saint Valentine's Day in best Prague restaurants

Do you want to celebrate Valentine's Day in one of the outstanding Prague restaurants?

On Valentine's Day (February 14), lovers traditionally express their love with flowers, presents, champagne, strawberries, chocolates and all kinds of delicacies.

Surprise and please your partners on this occasion by inviting them to one of our recommended restaurants in Prague and enjoy an evening of romance with great food and drink.

Recommended restaurants in Prague:

La Boucherie & Bistrot M, 9. 2. - 13. 2. 2016
Prague 5, Zubatého 5, Phone: 702 033 020

French restaurant Bistrot M has prepared special menu for Valentines day. Goat cheese mousse with toast and onion marmalade, salmon carpaccio with orange sauce, beef carpaccio, wild mushroom soup with truffle, shrimp bisque, saffron risotto with seabass filet, veal with spinach, wild mushroom sauce and parnisp purée and mini dessert selection.

Price per person: 790 CZK

Restaurant CODA, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Tržiště 9, Hotel Aria, Phone: 225 334 761

Luxury restaurant CODA has prepared special 5 course menu for Valentines day. Lemon Balm and mint essence with rose water, jamon Iberico with raspberry salad, turbot with mango emulsion, veal with foie gras nad truffle sauce and chocolate tart with ice cream.

Price per person: 1.990 CZK

Restaurant Agave, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Masná 2, Phone: 607 057 354

Noble mexican restaurant Agave has prepared 5 course menu for Valentines Eve. Mango guacamole, zucchini cream soup with chicken, pork enchilada with salsa verde, grilled tuna with chipotle potato purée and flan de elote (corn and caramel dessert)

Price per person: 550 CZK

Restaurant Oblaca, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 3, Mahlerovy sady, Phone: 210 320 086

Restaurant Oblaca has prepared special 4 course menu for Valentines day. Tuna variation asian style, carrot cream with coconut milk, veal cheek and saddle with potato purée and avodaco cream and chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce. Price includes welcome drink.

Price per person: 1.780 CZK

Restaurant KiinDi, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 4, Michelská 58, Phone: 721 588 888

Thai restaurant KiinDi has prepared 4 course Valentines menu in Asia fusion style. Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and shrimps or spinach soup with bamboo, white sezame and bacon, stir fried squid with garlic and spicy butter or salmon carpaccio, red curry with prawns and rice or filet steak with wine sauce, vegetables and rice and dessert set. Price includes cocktail and wine selection.

Price per person: 680 CZK

Restaurant Triton, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Václavské nám. 26, Phone: 221 081 218

Triton restaurant has prepared 5 course Valentine menu. Smoked salmon, tomato soup with prawns, graperuit sorbet, veal medallions with cauliflower purée and créme brulée.

Price per person: 1.111 CZK

Gourmet restaurant in hotel Hoffmeister, 12. 2. - 21. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Pod Bruskou 7, hotel Hoffmeister, Phone: 251 017 111

In restaurant Ada the head chef has prepared a special 5 course menu for you. Foie Gras terrine with fig jelly, oysters au gratin, cappuccino from sweet potatoes, lamb fillet steak with potato purée and spinach and strawberries with mascarpone and vanilla.

Price per two: 1.485 CZK

Restaurant Délice, 13. 2. - 14. 2 2016
Prague 1, Jánský vršek 13, Phone: 603 766 779

Restaurant Délice at Malá Strana has prepared 6 course Valentines menu. Gratined scallops, beef tartar with cucumber sauce, beetroot cream soup, turbot fillet with chard and polenta, deer steak with potatoes and chocolate dessert with pear sorbet.

Price per person: 1.495 CZK

Restaurant Pálffy Palác, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Valdštejnská 14, Phone: 257 530 522

Noble restaurant Pálffy Palace has prepared 4 course menu for Valentines Day. Foie gras with litchi, topinambur cream with mushrooms, fallow deer loin with vegetable purée and pear or sea perch with clams and olives and coffee dessert with lemon cream.

Price per person: 1.250 CZK

Restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Kaprova 5, Phone: 224 813 922

Cuban restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio has prepared romantic 3 course menu. Pea cream with rose flowers, chicken steak with grilled potatoes and flambéed stawberries with chocolate.

Price per person: 550 CZK

Restaurant New York Café, 12. 2. - 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Senovážné nám. 13, Hotel Boscolo, Phone: 224 593 886

Noble restaurant in hotel Boscolo has prepared 4 course romantic menu. Scallops with cauliflower purée, chestnut cream soup, sea bass with spinach and gnocchi or beer medallion with gratined potatoes and Valentine´s heart with mascarpone, stawberries and chocolate.

Price per two: 4.500 CZK

Restaurant Villa Richter, 13. 2. - 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Staré zámecké schody 6/251, Phone: 257 219 079

Restaurant Villa Richter located in the Prague Castle gardens has prepared special Valentines dinner. Tuna tartar, sorbet with rum and mint, grilld prawns with coconut and mango sauce or veal steak with asparagus and fries and chocolate parfait with strawberries.

Price per person: 1.290 CZK

Restaurant Žofín Garden, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Slovanský ostrov, Phone: 774 774 774

Restaurant Žofín Garden has prepared 3 course menu for Valentines Day.

Salmon tartare with scallops carpaccio, chicken supreme with potatoes and vegetables or lamb chops with spinach and croquettes and rhubarb tart with raspberry sorbet.

Price per person: 995 CZK

Restaurace Tančící dům Ginger & Fred, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 2, Jiráskovo náměstí 6, Phone: 221 984 160

Restaurant Ginger & Fred in Dancing house has prepared 4 course menu. Octopus with prawns and salad with potato and fennel or beef tartare pith pickled kohlrabi, salmon steak with langostine and lemon pasta or duck breasts with orange sauce and potato fondant, cheese selection and chocolate heart with raspberry and poppyseed ice cream.

Price per person: 1.298 CZK

Restaurant Zlatá Praha, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Pařížská 30, Phone: 296 630 522

Luxury restaurant Zlatá Praha in hotel InterContinental has prepared 5 course menu for Valentines day. Rabbit ballotine stuffed with foie gras, topinambur cream, cod fillet with cauliflower purée and mangold, veal steak with potato purée and wine sauce and sweet dessert for two. Selected wines for each course.

Price per two: 3.200 CZK

Restaurace Dutch Pub, 14. 2. 2016
Praha 1, Vladislavova 17, Tel: 727 969 818

Restaurant Dutch Pub has prepared 3 course Valentines menu. Salmon tartare, beef burger duo and panna cotta with raspberry and vanilla and pomergranate sauce.

Price per two: 690 CZK

Restaurace Charles Bridge, 14. 2. 2016
Praha 1, Smetanovo nábřeží 195, Tel: 603 222 379

Restaurant Charles Bridge under Charles Bridge has prepared 3 course menu. Avocado salad with smoked salmon or mushroom soup with poached egg, beef steak with potatoes and chocolate sauce or pike perch fillet with risotto and pancakes with ice cream.

Price per person: 590 CZK

Terasa U Prince, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Staroměstské náměstí 29, Phone: 737 261 842

Terasa U Prince, located right at Old Town square, has prepared 3 course Valentines menu. Veal consommé with sherry, duck breast with celery and potato purée and meringue with strawberry and chocolate.

Price per person: 549 CZK

Restaurant La Casa Argentina, 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Dlouhá 35/730, Phone: 222 311 512

Restaurant La Casa Argentina has prepared romantic 3 course menu. Duck breast with apple wine reduction, beef striploin steak with potato purée and chocolate fondant with strawberry, cherry sauce and ice cream.

Price per person: 1.240 CZK

Restaurant Casa De Carli, 12. 2. - 14. 2. 2016
Prague 1, Vězeňská 5, Phone: 224 816 688

Italian restaurant Casa De Carli has prepared special 5 course menu for
St. Valentines Day. Topinambur cream with violet artichokes, marinated salmon in beetroot with quinoa with curcuma, ravioli with rice and peppers, John Dory fillet with beetroot nd spicy pumpkin or wagyu striploin steak with vegetables and chickpeas crocquettes and panna cotta with white chocolate and chocolate truffles and pralines.

Price per person: 1.420 CZK

Restaurant Bar Bar, 13. 2. - 14 . 2. 2016
Praha 1, Všehrdova 17, Tel: 257 312 246

Restaurant BarBar at Mala Strana has prepared 3 course Valentines menu. Salmon carpaccio with brioche, beef in red wine with mushrooms, vegetables and potato purée and chocolate tart. Price includes 0.5l of selected wine.

Price per person: 399 CZK

Restaurace & bar Crystal, 14. 2. 2016
Praha 1, V Kolkovně 7, Tel: 607 337 337

Restaurant Crystal has prepred 3 course menu for Valentines day. Fresh oysters or beef tartare with quail egg, pike perch fillet with ratatouille or lamb fillet with mashed violette potatoes and valentines cake or chocolate fondant with cream and hazelnuts.

Price per person: 1.200 CZK

Restaurant Tetu Brissy, 12. 2. - 14. 2. 2016
Prague 10, Benice, Květnového povstání 194, Phone: 267 268 700

Restaurant Tetu Brissy has prepared 3 course menu. Duck paté créme brulée, pork tenderloin with parsley purée and cheesecake with chocolate mousse

Price per person: A la carte

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