Breakfast in Prague

A good, hearty breakfast really sets you up for the day. If you are planning on having breakfast at one of Prague’s fine restaurants or coffee houses, we have chosen a few establishments for you that we would recommended.

Where to go for breakfast in Prague:

Restaurace Café Savoy
Prague 1, Vítìzná 5, Phone: 257 311 562

Café Savoy, a restaurant and coffee house that is part of the renowned Ambiente chain, is found on the banks of the River Vltava not far from Kampa and the foot of Petøín Hill in an Art Nouveau building, dating back to the end of the 19th century. Its wide range of cakes and pastries and breakfast dishes is accompanied by a great many specialties of predominantly French cuisine.

Potrefená husa Albertov
Praha 2, Na slupi 2102/2b, Tel: 236 071 028

The Potrefená husa Albertov restaurant offers daily breakfasts from 8:00 a.m. and on weekends from 9:00. You can choose from several breakfast sets. In addition to traditional English and French breakfasts,there are also the healthy Fitness breakfast, with yogurt, fruit and muesli,and After-Party breakfast, which includes sausages, strong broth and a glass of beer. In the summer months, breakfast is served in the spacious garden adjacent to the restaurant.

Pastacaffé Vodièkova
Prague 1, Vodièkova 8, Phone: 222 231 869

The Pastacaffé coffee house from the Ambiente chain is found in the centre of Prague across from New Town Hall. This modern coffee bar serves a wide selection of coffee and coffee specialties, teas and a variety of meals, mostly Italian.

Restaurant La Gare
Prague 1, V Celnici 3, Phone: 222 313 712

Dishes include the Bagel La Gare with smoked salmon, toasties with Bayonne ham and sheep’s cheese or omelette with Munster cheese, lobster, smoked salmon or Saint Daniel ham. Egg specialties, eggs Benedict, toasties, crepes, sausages, roasted tomatoes, homemade bread and rolls, a selection of cheeses, cold meats, fruit salads and much, much more.

COMO Restaurant & Café
Prague 1, Václavské námìstí 45, Phone: 222 247 240

Restaurant Como serves classic English or French breakfasts and a hot and cold breakfast buffet, including egg dishes, omelettes, sausages, pastries, cheeses, cold meats and much more.

Restaurant Sarah Bernhardt
Prague 1, U Obecního domu 1, Hotel Paøíž, Phone: 222 195 195

The Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant at the famous Hotel Paris offers a hot and cold breakfast buffet with a wide range of organic foods. A chef is also on hand to prepare crepes to order within the restaurant itself. The magnificent surroundings, ideal for business meetings, are enhanced by the rich Art Nouveau decor.

Mistral Café
Prague 1, Valentinská 11, Phone: 222 317 737

The Mistral coffee house and restaurant is found in the Old Town between Old Town Square and the Rudolfinum Theatre. This café of fresh, modern design also serves breakfast, a selection of tapas and specialties of Czech and international cuisine.

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Snídanì v Siddharta Café

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