Steaks and steakhouse restaurants in Prague

Where to go for steaks in Prague? For people who love meat and barbecues we have come up with a list of selected restaurants and steak houses in Prague that mainly focus on serving beef steaks.

Restaurant Monarch
Prague 1, Na Perštýně 15, Phone: 703 182 801

Restaurant Monarch offers a rich selection of mature American steak meats, mainly from the Black Angus beef. They prepare steaks here on charcoal grill, and if you don't know which steak to choose, they also offer steak tasting sets for 2 or 4 people.

Restaurace La Casa Argentina
Prague 1, Dlouhá 35/730, Phone: 222 311 512

The Argentinian restaurant La Casa Argentina offers a variety of steaks from Argentinian bulls cooked on a traditional “parilla” grill. Tasty entrecôte with grease-eye, fine sirloin steaks, rump steak or the distinctive flank steak. Big eaters can also choose to eat as much as they want from a selection of grilled meats. A group playing Latin American songs also provides an authentic atmosphere.

Restaurant Ambiente Brasileiro
Prague 1, U Radnice 8/13, Phone: 224 234 474

The well-known Brazilian restaurant in the Ambiente group serves Brazilian specialities of Rodizio cuisine, which is a traditional way of serving food, where you can eat all you want for a fixed price. One of the main features of this cuisine is “churrasco” which is grilled meat skewered on a spit/skewer and gradually sliced off during grilling. Here you can try a huge variety of meats, sirloin of beef coated in Parmesan cheese, roast leg of beef, shoulder or entrecôte rubbed in sea salt, the very popular silverside of beef with fat, ribs, braised hump of bull with herbs and much more. As well as meats there is also a large cold buffet, fish and seafood.

Steak in Prague

Steak in Prague restaurant

Steak in La Casa Argentina

Steak churrasco style in Ambiente Brasileiro

Tomahawk steak

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