Celebrate Christmas Eve in Prague restaurants

Do you want to celebrate Christmas with your family and friends in one of the outstanding Prague restaurants?

We bring you a selection of restaurants with a special Christmas menu for Christmas Eve day.

Recommended restaurants in Prague:

Restaurant Ginger & Fred, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 2, Jiráskovo náměstí 6, Dancing House, Phone: 601 158 828

On Christmas Eve from 17:00, enjoy a festive 5-course menu at Ginger & Fred restaurant. You'll be served with truffle tartlets filled with foie gras cream, fish broth, a variation of snail gratin, turbot with marinated vegetables and St. James mussels, and cheesecake buns with vanilla zabaglione. Wine pairing can be ordered together with the Christmas menu.

Price per person: 2.990 CZK

Restaurant Terasa U Zlaté Studně, 24. 12. - 26. 12. 2023
Prague 1, U Zlaté studně 166/4, Phone: 257 533 322

A festive 9-course menu is served on all three Christmas days at the Terrace at the Golden Well. Canapés, sea bream tartare with oyster bavarois, mussels St. St. James's Day with duck breast and smoked cauliflower, duck liver terrine with poached bloom, deer loin and shoulder, lemon posset, apple tarte tatin with caramel and burnt cinnamon ice cream and pralines.

Price per person: 4.400 CZK

Restaurant CODA, 24. 12. - 25. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Tržiště 9, Hotel Aria, Phone: 225 334 761

The CODA Restaurant at Aria Hotel invites you to a special 5-course Christmas menu. Taste the guinea fowl galantine, fish soup with roe, pear sorbet, fried carp fillets with potato salad or roasted beef tenderloin cuts as the main course, potatoes gratin with Perigold sauce with truffle and for dessert, fudge tartlets with gingerbread crumble and plum glaze.

Price per person: 4.800 CZK

The Monkey Bar, 24. 12. - 25. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Opletalova 21, Phone: 226 216 599

Christmas brunch or Christmas dinner in the jungle, which would you prefer? Or both? The all you can eat brunch is served from 12:30 to 15:30 and includes 8 courses, such as Eggs Florentine with smoked roe, pulled duck burger with Rösti, grilled cod fillet with roasted Brussels sprouts or homemade pappardelle in pumpkin sauce. Can be accompanied by bottomless punch and mimosas.
A 4-course Christmas dinner is also served on both days. Roasted butternut squash soup, cod tortellini in champagne sauce, beef Chatteaubriand with potato-vegetable tart, truffles and Bernaise sauce, and dark chocolate and peppermint cake. Dinner can be accompanied by wine and cocktail pairings.

Price per person: 2.200 CZK (brunch) 3.000 CZK (dinner)

Restaurant Deer, 22. 12. - 26. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Michalská 19, Phone: 225 777 330

The Deer restaurant offers a 4-course festive menu. Roasted snails in butter with Beluga lentils and parsnip puree, Christmas fish soup, fried carp pieces with potato puree or Wiener schnitzel with potato salad and for dessert a frozen poppy seed parfait with chocolate mousse and vanilla sauce.

Price per person: 999 CZK

Restaurant Ungelt, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Týn 638/5, Tel: 777 427 000

Enjoy an 7-course Christmas Eve menu at the Ungelt restaurant, including foie gras torchon with pear, gingerbread, port wine, butter-poached lobster with peas and mint, St. Jakuba with vanilla, apple and hazelnuts, baked duck loin with cauliflower, chestnuts and chocolate or dark chocolate fondant with raspberries, coconut, almonds and white chocolate.

Price per person: 4.500 CZK

Restaurant Tony's Café & Bar, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, U Obecního domu 1, Hotel Paříž, Phone: 222 195 195

The Art Nouveau ambience of Hotel „Paris“ in Prague invites you to a festive 5-course Christmas dinner: Kamchatka crab tartare with caviar followed by saffron chicken consommé with noodles and liver dumplings, foie gras with apple marmalade and gingerbread chips, a choice of fried cod fillet with potato salad or roast beef with cranberry demi-glace with caramelised chestnuts. You will enjoy also traditional Christmas cake, Champagne to toast, pralines and a glass of port or cognac.

Price per person: 4.900 CZK

Restaurace La Republica, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Na poříčí 12, Phone: 602 202 631

La Republica offers a choice of two 4-course special menus on Christmas Eve. Enhance your festive mood with duck terrine with pear chutney, creamy fish soup, veal schnitzel with potato salad (or in the second menu, traditional carp fried in herb breadcrumbs with potato salad) and Old Bohemian honey cake.

Price per person: from 750 CZK

Restaurant La Gare, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, V Celnici 3, Phone: 222 313 712

The Christmas lunch menu is served by frecnh restaurant La Gare. Among the wide selection, try the snails burgundy style or duck tartare with mushroom ragout, prawns with chilli and ginger, Créme Brulée or Cafe gourmand.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Zvonice, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Jindřišská, Jindřišská věž, Phone: 224 220 009

Restaurant Zvonice on the 7th floor of Jindřišská Tower offers three variants of the 4-course festive menu: old Czech, Czech festive and vegetarian. Try, among others, beefsteak made of beef sirloin in truffle sauce, classic Kuba with dried porcini mushrooms, roasted venison loin in a port and honey reduction or roasted beetroot with goat cheese in a spring roll pastry shell and many other delicacies.

Price per person: 4.680 CZK

Hoffmeister restaurant, 24. 12. 2023
Prague, Pod Bruskou 7, Phone: 251 017 111

Celebrate the most beautiful holiday of the year with a 6-course menu at Hoffmeister Hotel restaurant in Prague’s Lesser Town: veal carpaccio with morel mushroom sauce followed by duck kaldoun with foie gras, oyster gratin with saffron and mascarpone, lime sorbet, and for the main course venison loin with parsnip or kambala, bulgur and soy bean with butter sauce, and finally almond mousse with nougat. The menu can be accompanied by a Prosecco toast.

Price per person: 2.890 CZK

Restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Kaprova 5, Phone: 224 813 922

The Christmas Eve menu at the Cuban restaurant La Bodeguita consists of salmon cream, fresh oysters on ice with shallot vinaigrette, gratinated snails with garlic butter and sea salt. The main course is typically Czech - fried carp fillet with potato salad or fried veal fillet, again with potato salad.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurace Bricks, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Cihelná 2b, Tel: 732 950 960

A 4-course Christmas menu awaits you throughout the holidays in Bricks restaurant: classic mushroom Kuba, fish soup, Třeboň carp with potato salad and a sweet spot in the form of chocolate lava cake with caramelized nuts and ice cream.

Price per person: 1.050 CZK

Boccaccio hall, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Králodvorská 4, Grand Hotel Bohemia, Phone: 234 608 156

A truly festive Christmas dinner awaits you in the Boccaccio Hall of Grand Hotel Bohemia: The 4-course menu in two options (venison pate, cream of peas, pikeperch under herb crust with puree or grilled duck breast with foie gras sauce and roasted jerk and creme brulée with pistachios) is accompanied by music from Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute, a selection of Mozart operas and Christmas carols performed by the best opera singers.

Price per person: N/A

Restaurant Esprit, 24. 12. - 26. 12. 2023
Prague 4, Na Pankráci 15/1684, Hotel Holiday Inn, Phone: 296 895 030

In the Esprit restaurant you can choose from 3 different festive menus of 3-5 courses. Try traditional fish soup or potato cream with mushroom dumplings, beef tenderloin with chestnuts, pepper espuma and nut croquettes, roast turkey with mushroom cubo and pumpkin puree or pork tenderloin steak with potato salad. For dessert, coconut cheesecake, apple strudel or toffee pudding with cherries.

Price per person: from 740 CZK

Restaurant Augustine, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Letenská 12/33, Hotel Augustine, Phone: 266 112 280

This year, Christmas in the luxurious setting of the Augustine fine dining restaurant in Lesser Town will be accompanied by a 4-course Christmas Eve menu, which includes potato salad with capers, egg yolk and bottarga, tortelloni al brodo with turkey, chicken comb and beef rib, pearl with foie gras, celery, apple and hazelnuts and a Mont blanc dessert with vanilla, chestnuts and cranberries.

Price per person: 2.450.CZK

Terasa U Prince, 22. 12. - 26. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Staroměstské náměstí 29, Phone: 737 261 842

You can enjoy a 3-course Christmas menu at the Terrace U Prince restaurant at Old Town square. Creamy Old Bohemian fish soup, fried fillet of Třeboň carp as a main course, or Wiener schnitzel with potato salad and gingerbread with marinated plum and vanilla mousse.

Price per person: 749 CZK

Restaurant Seasons, 24. 12. 2023.
Prague 8, Pobřežní 1, Phone: 224 842 125

The Seasons Restaurant at Hotel Hilton Prague invites you to a 4-course festive dinner on Christmas Eve from. Try a cut of monkfish or lobster with terrine with fruit and champagne, a vegetarian option is also available. A day later on 25.12. from 12:30 to 15:00, you can enjoy a festive brunch buffet including unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks. The brunch will be accompanied by live music.

Price per person: dinner 1.890 CZK, brunch 1.790 CZK

Restaurant Obecní dům, . 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, nám. Republiky 1090/5, Phone: 222 002 770

Restaurant Obecní dům (Municipal House) invites you to a festive 4-course menu. Roasted foie gras with gingerbread and pear, fish soup, spiced peeled beef shoulder with truffle, snails and mushroom-bacon sauce, Pâte ? Choux for dessert.

Price per person: 2.490 CZK

Restaurant Červený Jelen, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Hybernská 1034/5, Phone: 735 123 647

Marek Fichtner and his team from Červený Jelen restaurant have prepared a rich Christmas Eve menu: fish soup made from pikeperch, deer parfait, boar Salsiccia with black truffle, veal tenderloin with truffle mash, USDA Prime Cowboy steak or a South American or steak tasting menu. There's also the legendary eggnog, as well as desserts like gingerbread cake, maracuja and chocolate, and pistachio profiteroles.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant 1890, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Senovážné nám. 13, Phone: 778 449 055

Restaurant 1890 at Hotel Carlo IV invites you to a 6-course Christmas Eve dinner. St. James mussels with black root, cappuccino of Jerusalem artichoke and shimeji mushrooms, lobster with cuttlefish risotto, cactus fig sorbet, venison tournedos with black cabbage, pralines; wine, beer and soft drinks are also included.

Price per person: 3.990 CZK

Restaurant Deer, 21. 12. - 26. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Michalská 19, Phone: 225 777 330

A 4-course Christmas menu awaits guests at the Deer restaurant near Old Town Square. The Deer is a venison specialist, but the Christmas menu will be more traditional: roasted snails with herbs, root vegetables and julienne, traditional fish soup with egg roll, fried pieces of carp or Viennese veal schnitzel, and for dessert a poppy seed parfait with chocolate mousse.

Price per person: 990 CZK

Terasa U Prince, 21. 12. - 26. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Staroměstské náměstí 29, Phone: 737 261 842

At the Terrace U Prince with amazing rooftop view of Prague Old Town Square this year you can choose from two classic variants of the Christmas menu: you can enjoy Old Bohemian creamy fish soup with croutons and then either Wiener schnitzel with potato salad or fried fillet of Třeboň carp with potato salad and finally gingerbread with marinated plum.

Price per person: 749 CZK

Restaurant Chateau St. Havel, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 4, Před nádražím 1/6, Tel: 601 577 484

The Chateau St. Havel restaurant serves a 4-course Christmas menu: terrine of foie gras with marinated roast beef and truffle mayonnaise, fish cream with carp fries, a variation of gratinated snails, duck breast with potato roll and confit red cabbage as a main course, or chateau carp in herb breadcrumbs with potato salad and then tartlet for dessert. The menu can be complemented with wine pairing.

Price per person: 1.590 CZK

Restaurace U Malířů 1543, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Maltézské nám. 291, Phone: 257 211 014

A festive 6-course menu is served on Christmas Eve at the U Malířů restaurant in the heart of Prague. After canapés and snail pâté, enjoy mushroom cream, smoked trout fillet with potato salad, duck breast on oranges with potato gratin and pumpkin puree, and a sweet treat of apple bread pudding and rum ice cream.

Price per person: 3.600 CZK

Restaurant Malostranská beseda, 24. 12. 2023
Prague 1, Malostranské nám. 35, Phone: 257 409 112

The Malostranská beseda restaurant offers traditional Christmas specialties on Christmas Eve. Traditional fish soup, mushroom barley risotto with pumpkin puree, carp horseshoe crabs, veal schnitzel or chicken steak with potato salad as the main course.

Price per person: A la carte


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