Snails (Escargot) in recommended Prague restaurants

It is the French that are primarily known for eating snails, but there is also a long tradition of eating snails in the Mediterranean and in Central Europe. The roots of eating snails stretch back to the Middle Ages. Snails were once predominantly collected in the wild, but are now more commonly farmed artificially. The Czech Republic has in recent years become a significant exporter of this delicacy.

Snails in Prague are usually served by the dozen or half dozen on special plates either with or without their shells. If they are still in their shells, they are usually eaten with special tongs to hold the shell and a thin fork to prise out the meat.

The most common preparation is Escargot Bourguignon (Snails a la Burgundy), in which whole snails are braised in wine for several hours and served in melted butter with garlic or herbs and most often with tarragon. They are served either in the shell or without.

Snails at Christmas-time
Snails are considered a Lenten food and for this reason appear on the menu at Christmas and Easter. Indeed there are a number of restaurants in Prague at which you can sample this delicacy at Christmas.
Snail meat is healthy. It contains no fat or cholesterol and has a specific taste that is loved by almost everyone once they have tried it. We recommend heading out for lunch on Christmas Eve with family or friends, ordering a dozen snails and a glass of wine and enjoying some pleasant company to get yourself in the mood for the festivities ahead.

Recommended restaurants:

Hoffmeister restaurant, 24. 12. 2021
Pod Bruskou 7, Prague 1, Phone: 251 017 111

This year, as usually, you may enjoy the Christmas Escargots in the Hoffmeister Restaurant. On the Christmas Eve from 12:00 to 15:30, as well as on 25 and 26 December all day, you will have a chance to try a variety of escargots specialties. Escargot soup with oxtail, chanterelles and parsley, gratinated escargots with boletes, cream and sheep cheese, escargot ravioli with smoked duck breast, broccoli and béarnaise sauce, Escargots a la Bourguignonne with herb baguette or combined with truffle sauce and parmesan chips.

Restaurant Ungelt
Prague 1, Týn 638/5, Tel: 777 427 000

The luxurious French restaurant Ungelt offers Burgundy style escargots all year round.

For for Christmas Eve lunch, 24. 12. also special menu: Fried escargots in wine tempura with salad Mesclun, Burgundy style escargots gratinés on a plate of hot sea salt, escargot in small roll, baby spinach, hollandaise sauce and other specialties.

Restaurant Les Moules
Prague 1, Pařížská 19/203, Phone: 222 315 022

Les Moules restaurant serves delicious snails throughout the year. Here they are grilled in garlic and almond butter. Come on Christmas Eve and don’t forget to sample some traditional Belgian Christmas beer.

Restaurant Café Savoy
Prague 1, Vítězná 5, Phone: 257 311 562

Café Savoy coffee bar and restaurant, part of the Ambiente group, also serves Escargot Bourguignon all year round.

Restaurant La Gare
Prague 1, V Celnici 3, Phone: 222 313 712

French restaurant La Gare serves Escargot Bourguignon all year round.

Escargot Bourguignon

snails, italian style

Escargot Bourguignon

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