Celebrate Saint Valentine's Day in best Prague restaurants

Do you want to celebrate Valentine's Day in one of the outstanding Prague restaurants?

On Valentine's Day (February 14th), lovers traditionally express their love with flowers, presents, champagne, strawberries, chocolates and all kinds of delicacies.

Surprise and please your partners on this occasion by inviting them to one of our recommended restaurants in Prague and enjoy an evening of romance with great food and drink.

Recommended restaurants in Prague:

Restaurant Obecní dům, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, nám. Republiky 1090/5, Phone: 222 002 770

A 3-course menu (each course can also be ordered individually), offers Art Nouveau restaurant Obecní dům (Munipical House) for a romantic celebration of St. Valentine's Day. Sautéed prawns with soba noodles, veal vitello tonnato, a choice of three main courses - tuna steak with glazed vegetables, filet mignon with Jerusalem artichokes or Chateubriand for two, flambéed in front of the guests. For a sweet ending, a nougat cake with maracuja caramel.

Price per person: 1.190 CZK

Restaurant Tančící dům (Dancing house) Ginger & Fred, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 2, Jiráskovo náměstí 6, Phone: 221 984 160

An 5 course Valentine's menu along with an amazing view of Prague can be enjoyed at Ginger & Fred restaurant in the Dancing House. After a welcome drink and oyster with shallots, you'll be treated to beef tongue salad with tartlet, fried prawns, cream of Jerusalem artichoke with pumpkin nightshade and herb dusted lamb chop with polenta. For the main course, cod wrapped in kale with rice croquette and vegetable noodles, and a mousse of ruby chocolate and raspberries to finish. Can be accompanied by wine pairing.

Price per person: 3.490 CZK

Restaurant CODA, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Tržiště 9, Hotel Aria, Phone: 225 334 761

CODA restaurant is preparing a 5-course tasting menu for Valentine's Day. Scallops ceviche, black root cream with foie gras, veal saltimbocca with truffle sauce, strawberry-vanilla sorbet, tangerine love and pralines for dessert. Price includes welcome drink, soft drinks and a small gift.

Price per person: 3.690 CZK

Hoffmeister restaurant, 14. 2. - 18. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Pod Bruskou 7, hotel Hoffmeister, Phone: 251 017 133

The restaurant at Hotel Hoffmeister invites you to a loving 3-course menu for Valentine's Day and the next few days. Salmon gravlax with quail egg, grilled octopus with purple potatoes and sage as a main course or veal filet mignon with black root, arancini and Campobello pepper. The menu concludes with a dessert of cr?me brulée.

Price per person: 1.290 CZK

Boccaccio hall, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Králodvorská 4, Grand Hotel Bohemia, Phone: 234 608 156

Great food in beautiful surroundings, that's St. Valentine's Day at Boccaccio Hall in Grand Hotel Bohemia. The 4-course menu tempts you with beef carpaccio with truffle dressing, lobster bisque with crawfish, grilled filleted veal roast with butter vegetables and potato confit and dessert in the form of white and dark chocolate and sorbet. Can be accompanied by a bottle of Prosecco or unlimited drinks.

Price per person: 1.650 CZK

The Monkey Bar, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Opletalova 21, Phone: 226 216 599

A romantic 4-course dinner awaits you on St. Valentine's Day at The Monkey Bar in the centre of Prague. Ceviche of St. James clams with green apple and yuzu, beef tartare with sushi rice, smoked pancetta and kimchi mayonnaise, duck fillet with potato cream and rose with coconut and passion fruit. Dinner can be complemented with wine and cocktail pairings. Live music will be part of the evening.

Price per person: 1.300 CZK

Restaurant Paloma Průhonice, 14. 2. 2024
Průhonice , Květnové nám. 53, Phone: 220 188 610

A 6-course Valentine's Day menu awaits you this year at the Paloma Průhonice restaurant: Japanese crab tartare, baked mussels St. James, potato mousseline and sauce, wild turbot with Champagne sauce and caviar, Japanese charcoal grilled lobster with saffron bouillabaisse, Magret duck breast baked in puff pastry with morels and spinach, and as a sweet spot whipped white chocolate apple with raspberry confit. Toast and small gift included.

Price per person: 3.290 CZK

Restaurace Zinc
Prague 1, V Celnici 7, Hotel Hilton Prague Old Town, Tel: 221 822 300

Zinc Restaurant at the Hilton Old Town invites you to St. Valentine's Day for a 3-course menu. Raviolli and lobster with fennel confit, followed by angus beef tenderloin with sautéed mushrooms and potato puree, and a rose passion cake as a sweet ending. Delicious Valentine Rose cocktail at the end.

Price per person: 1.500 CZK

Terasa U Prince, 12. 2. - 18. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Staroměstské náměstí 29, Phone: 737 261 842

You can celebrate Valentine's Day under the stars with a 3-course menu in the stunning surroundings of „Terasa u Prince“: smoked duck breast label rouge, sea bass fillet with saffron risotto or duck back steak with smoked potato puree and marinated mushrooms for the main course, and a "raspberry love" with ruby chocolate, pistachio ganache and raspberries for the end.

Price per person: N/A

Restaurant Deer, 12. 2. - 18. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Michalská 19, Phone: 225 777 330

Enjoy Valentine's Day with a romantic three-course dinner at the Deer Restaurant. Salmon gravlax medallions, a choice of main courses between sea bass fillet with tiger prawn, pea puree and caper sauce, or sous vide pork tenderloin with pork fillet croquettes, butternut squash and kohlrabi cabbage with raisins. For dessert, there will be strawberry hearts with meringues.

Price per person: 999 CZK

Restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Kaprova 5, Phone: 224 813 922

Enjoy the Cuban rhythm at restaurant La Bodeguita for a lovers' day. A welcome drink is followed by cold tapas (salmon ceviche, Spanish cheeses, cured meats and olives, truffle tartare), and a main course of either grilled salmon with roasted potatoes or duroc pork chops with mashed potatoes and mushroom ragout. Churros as a dessert is a must.

Price per couple: 3.290 CZK

Restaurant V Zátiší, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Betlémské nám. / Liliová 1, Phone: 222 221 155

You can spend the evening of St. Valentine's Day in the V Zátiší restaurant together with your beloved one and also with a 5-course menu prepared especially for this occasion: celery tagliatelle with foie gras and pistachios, grilled monkfish with caviar sauce, grilled duck loin with royal oyster mushrooms, chocolate fondant with vanilla and passion fruit ice cream. There's also beef tartare or hamachi with avocado at the snack bar. Can be accompanied by wine pairing.

Price per person: 1.995 CZK

Restaurant Terasa U Zlaté studně, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, U Zlaté studně 166/4, Phone: 257 533 322

An unforgettable St. Valentine's Day evening in the form of an 8-course tasting menu can be experienced in Terrace U Zlaté studně restaurant. You can expect poached oysters, artichoke salad, roasted duck liver foie gras, crab with ossetra caviar, duck leg and breast with cherries and white radish, cod skrei with mussels, lemon posset with mead and pistachio soufflé. The menu includes coffee and mineral water and can be complemented with wine pairings.

Price per person: 4.100 CZK

Restaurant Balu Kitchen, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 3, Pod Krejcárkem 975/2, Phone: 725 755 677

The Balu Kitchen restaurant offers a 3-course menu for two. Marinated salmon with potato salad. A choice of grilled octopus with cream and dill dip and asparagus risotto or Argentinian spit with cream potatoes and roasted tomatoes for the main course. Finally, a sweet spot in the form of panna cotta with dried mango and chocolate ice cream.

Price per couple: 2.500 CZK

Restaurant Zvonice, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Jindřišská, Jindřišská věž, Phone: 224 220 009

Three variants of 4-course Valentine's menu are offered by Zvonice Restaurant in Jindřišská Tower. Whichever one you choose, you will enjoy goat cheese croquettes with mango sauce, pumpkin soup, St. James mussels with porcini mushroom mousse on pea and baby carrot tartare, grilled duck breast with Grand Marnier sauce and lime potatoes and homemade sorbets with chocolate sauce. The second menu features green lentil soup with smoked meat, wild boar fillets with blackberry sauce, beefsteak with truffle sauce with sliced truffles and chocolate truffles in cocoa batter.
The third menu is vegetarian: the croquette is complemented by pumpkin soup with ginger, truffle mini risotto, baked vegetable tartlet of zucchini, cherry tomatoes and aubergine with chanterelle ragout, and a variation of homemade sorbets in chocolate sauce to finish.

Price per person: 3.580 CZK

Restaurant Red Pif, 14. 2. - 18. 2. 2024
Prague 5, Nádražní 23, Phone: 257 941 669

RED Pif restaurant invites you at Valentine's day to a 4-course menu not only for lovers. You will taste beetroot cream with roasted pistachios, salmon gravlax with lime cr?me fraîche with Italian bread chips, poached pork cheeks on wine with marinated zucchini and kumquat or grilled salmon in butter with gratinated potatoes. Strawberry Tiramisu for dessert.

Price per couple: 1.980 CZK

Restaurant U Malířů 1543, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Maltézské náměstí 11, Phone: 257 211 014

Beautiful surroundings and almost 500 years of history will breathe on you in the restaurant U Malířů, where they are preparing a special 3-course menu for the lovers' holiday: tiger prawn soup with coriander, stuffed guinea fowl with gnocchi, carrots and spinach or kambala with saffron risotto and caviar as the main course, chocolate ganache with frambated strawberries. Can be accompanied by wine pairing.

Price per person: 1.590 CZK

Restaurant Kamera, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 5, Tilleho náměstí 792, Phone: 251 815 911

Restaurant Kamera invites you to a 3-course Valentine's menu. Enjoy cheese tartare, slow-roasted pork belly with red cabbage and potato doughnuts, and for dessert, pancakes with forest fruit and whipped cream.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Anděl, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 5, Nádražní 114, Phone: 608 181 852

The Pilsen restaurant Anděl goes against the tide and traditionally prepares an Anti-Valentine's Day special menu. Those of you who are not so fond of this holiday can enjoy fried „tvarůžky“ cheese, pork drumstick in honey marinade with coleslaw and baguette and for dessert we will serve poppy seed dessert with coconut milk, cottage cheese, blackberries and lemon juice.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Dejvická 34, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 6, Dejvická 34, Phone: 607 277 123

4-course Valentine's menu "for 4 hands and 2 mouths" served on 14.2. from 16:30 Dejvická 34 restaurant: smoked bruschetta with tuna cream and truffle variation, chestnut cream with burrata mousse and caviar, aged sirloin steak with Barolo wine sauce, foie gras and wild broccoli, and for dessert a mousse of hazelnut Gianduja with 22 carat gold.

Price per person: 1.995 CZK

Restaurant Augustine, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Letenská 12/33, Augustine Hotel, Phone: 266 112 282

The Augustine restaurant in Lesser Town, Prague has prepared a 4 course dinner for this year's St. Valentine's Day from 6:00 pm. Oysters with citrus caviar, Carbonara - fried guanciale, egg yolk and pecorino, duck with pomegranate and pistachio and finally dessert, dark chocolate with chilli and lime. Dinner can be accompanied by a bottle of Champagne Paul Dethune Brut Rosé.

Price per person: 2.690 CZK

Cloud 9 sky bar, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Hilton Prague, Pobřežní 1, Phone: 224 842 999

In the pleasant atmosphere of the sky bar Cloud 9 with a great view of Prague, enjoy the evening in the anti-Valentine's spirit. Welcome cocktail Poison, small snacks, music of eclectic beats, DJ, photo booth and surprises for guests.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Chateau Trnová, 14. 2. - 17. 2. 2024
Trnová, Trnová 1, Phone: 704 972 501

The 5-course menu offers not only for lovers in a beautiful surroundings of Chateau Trnová. After a Prosecco toast, you will enjoy duck foie gras, shrimp bisquet with coconut, white peach granita, supreme of guinea fowl with royal oyster mushroom and puree of knotted celery, and finally vanilla cremeux with fresh strawberries.

Price per person: 1.495 CZK

Restaurant Altány Kampa, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Nosticova 2a, Phone: 257 007 681

You can celebrate Valentine's Day in the pleasant surroundings of Prague's Kampa - Altány Kampa offers a special 3-course menu. Salmon tartare with caviar, followed by rump steak wagyu with fried parsnips, roasted pepper puree, créme fraiche and perigueux sauce, and coconut panna cotta with vanilla and tonka beans for dessert.

Price per person: 1.450 CZK

1890 Restaurant & Bar, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Senovážné nám. 13, NH Collection Prague Carlo IV, Phone: 778 449 055

The restaurant of the luxury hotel Carlo IV has prepared a 5-course Valentine's menu. Duck foie gras créme brulée, lobster with fennel and apple, chestnut cappuccino with veal croquette, fallow deer loin with beetroot and fava bean kernels, ruby chocolate cremeux with raspberries and currants for dessert. The dinner includes soft drinks and wine, and you can also enjoy live music.

Price per person: 2.450 CZK

Restaurant Červený Jelen, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Hybernská 1034/5, Phone: 735 123 647

Mark Fichtner's Culinary Vault in the Červený Jelen restaurant offers a concert for the palate on 14 February in a form of a special 5-course menu: foie gras paté with port wine, chestnut cream with black truffle, St. James' mussels with saffron and potato puree, celeriac in ash with thyme foam or aged duck with foie gras and red cabbage, chocolate soufflé and ice cream for dessert; toast with Planteray Rum XO.

Price per person: 1.990 CZK

Restaurant Mlýnec, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Novotného lávka 9, Phone: 277 000 777

Lovers' Day is also celebrated in the Mlýnec restaurant, which is located right next to the Charles Bridge and offers a unique view. A 4-course menu awaits you: truffle macaroons, ravioli made from river crayfish, French beef tenderloin with pink cauliflower, fried cheeks and bourguignon sauce and chocolate nougat ganache with strawberries. Can be complemented with wine pairing.

Price per person: 1.885 CZK

Restaurant Chateau St. Havel, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 4, Před nádražím 6, Phone: 241 445 717

The five-course Valentine's Day tasting menu can be enjoyed at Chateau St. Havel in Krč: maki roll with tuna in sesame, black root cream with dried roast beef, lobster ravioli and beetroot quiche, slow-roasted veal loin with fried neck, with potato filling and bryndza for the main course, and vanilla mousse with raspberries to finish. Can be accompanied by a wine tasting.

Price per person: 1.990 CZK

Restaurant Talíř, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Václavské nám. 16, Phone: 608 022 661

Valentine's Day 3-course menu of your choice is offered by the Talíř restaurant and also the rooftop Pytloun Sky Bar in the same building in the centre of Prague. Salmon gravlax or goat's cheese with beetroot and créme fraiche for starters, a choice of main course between rabbit loin on mushroom ragout, grilled trout fillet with beurre blanc sauce and supreme of guinea fowl in lemon spice with Jerusalem artichoke puree. For dessert, vanilla créme brulée with strawberry tartare.

Price per person: 990 CZK

Restaurant Buddha Bar, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, Jakubská 8, Phone: 725 069 213

A shared Valentine's Day menu for 2 people is offered at Buddha Bar: sea bass tartare and duck gyoza dumplings with foie gras for starters, followed by main courses of roasted tuna in shiso crust and Jerusalem artichoke puree or beef tenderloin sous vide with black truffle sauce. A mousse of Greek yoghurt and strawberries to finish.

Price per couple: 5.250 CZK

Restaurant Esprit, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 4, Na Pankráci 15, Phone: 296 895 030

The Esprit restaurant (Holiday Inn hotel) offers a Valentine's menu not only for lovers. Try the marinated salmon in beetroot, veal fillet with peas, celery puree, currants and yuzu and for dessert chocolate cheesecake with strawberries.

Price per person: 890 CZK

Restaurant Tony's Café & Bar, 14. 2. - 17. 2. 2024
Prague 1, U Obecního domu 1, Hotel Paříž, Phone: 222 195 195

Celebrate St. Valentines day in stylish Art Nouveau restaurant in hotel Paříž (Paris) with 4 course menu. Foie gras terrine, crab chowder, beef Wellington with béarnaise sauce and mini Pavlova with pomegranate cream.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant La Gare, 14. 2. 2024
Prague 1, V Celnici 3, Phone: 222 313 712

The 4-course menu for lovers is offered by French restaurant La Gare. From the starters, you can have potato confit with foie gras or lobster croquette, from the main courses, choose between turbot with miso sauce and low sirloin with king prawn and bordelaise sauce. Oysters Ostra Regal N°2 and a dessert of white chocolate panna cotta with raspberries and passion fruit sorbet.

Price per person: A la carte

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