Celebrate Saint Valentine's Day in best Prague restaurants

Do you want to celebrate Valentine's Day in one of the outstanding Prague restaurants?

On Valentine's Day (February 14), lovers traditionally express their love with flowers, presents, champagne, strawberries, chocolates and all kinds of delicacies.

Surprise and please your partners on this occasion by inviting them to one of our recommended restaurants in Prague and enjoy an evening of romance with great food and drink.

Recommended restaurants in Prague:

Restaurant Zlatá Praha, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Pařížská 30, hotel InterContinental, Phone: 296 630 914

Treat your loved one to a romantic five-course dinner with a welcome drink in restaurant Zlatá Praha. Baked Valentines oyster with mangalica ham, foie gras and duck liver pate with red beet glaze, smoked salmon trout tortellini with trout caviar, herb roasted veal fillet with carrot and orange chutney and „Swan lake“ dessert .

Price per two: 3.600 CZK

Restaurant Mlýnec, February 2018
Prague 1, Novotného lávka 9, Phone: 277 000 777

Restaurant Mlynec just by the Charles Bridge has prepared original 3 course Valentine menu. Beetroot tartar with sardins and pinapple with curry, sturgeon with batata potatoes, ginger and lime mousse or fallow deer with salsify and orange sauce and pistachio with raspberries, caramel and chocolate.

Price per person: 1.390 CZK

Restaurant Home by Unic, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Soukenická 25, Phone: 222 318 961

Modern restaurant Unic located in the centre of Prague has prepared romantic
4 course menu for St. Valentine Day. Deer carpaccio with wild forest fruits, sunchoke cappuccino, beef steak rossini with spinach and black truffle or pike perch filet with chantarelles and raspberry mousse with dark chocolate.

Price per person: 990 CZK

Restaurant Kampa Park, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Na Kampě 8b, Phone: 296 826 112

Noble restaurant Kampa at Charles Bridge has prepared a special menu for the celebration of Valentine's day. La Perle Blanche oyster with gazpacho jelly, tuna sashimi with black trufflees, Wagyu filet mignon with scallions, potato purée and demi glace sauce and Schwarzwald cube with cherries.

Price per person: 1.795 CZK

Restaurant Hergetova Cihelna, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Cihelná 2b, Malá Strana, Phone: 296 826 103

Vojtech Vaclavik's team of restaurant Hergetova Cihelna has prepared a special Valentine´s menu. Pumpkin cream with chili oil, grilled scallop with beetroot emulsion, herb crusted loin of lamb with sweet potato purée and lemon hollandaise, strawberry compote with eggnog ice cream and dark chocolate praline with baked chestnuts.

Price per person: 1.125 CZK

Restaurant Buddha Bar, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Jakubská 8, Phone: 221 776 300

Restaurant Buddha-Bar has prepared exotic 3 course Valentine menu. Scallops tartar with cherry and ginger dressing, assortment of sushi (shrimp tempura roll, creamy tuna roll, cucumber maki, hamachi roll, beetroot salmon nigiri), raspberry tiramisu and assortment of macarons.

Price per two: 3.500 CZK

Restaurant Blue Wagon, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 2, Uruguayská 19, Phone: 222 561 378

Modern restaurant Blue Wagon has prepared romantic 4 course menu for Valentine´s day. Marinated shrimp, veal tartar with truffle créme fraiche, duck breast with raspberry demi-glace and chocolate cube with candied kumquat.

Price per person: 1.590 CZK

Restaurant Deer Prague, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Michalská 19, Phone: 225 777 330

Luxury restaurant Deer Prague located in the city centre has prepared special
4 course Valentine´s menu. Grilled tiger prawns with roll of fresh vegetables, creamy chicken soup, grilled sea bass with spinach purée or roasted beef rib with celery purée and chili cream and raspberry mousse with caramel and chocolate ice cream.

Price per person: 699 CZK

Restaurant Vino di Vino, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Štupartská 18, Phone: 222 311 791

Italian restaurant in the heart of Prague VinoDiVino has prepared romantic 4 course St. Valentine´s menu. Marinated oyster with lime and mint, prawn in pasta on Thai cream, monkfish wrapped in Italian jowl with sour sweet radicchio and sauce of peas and coconut and white chocolate panna cotta.

Price per person: 1.150 CZK

Restaurant Altány Kampa, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Nosticova 2a, Phone: 257 007 681

Romantic restaurant located by the Vltava river, Altany Kampa, has prepared special St. Valentine´s menu. Saffron and black parmesan risotto with shrimp, beef filet mignon with sauce demi-glace and peapods with ginger and sesame and chocolate cake with chilli and fresh strawberries.

Price per person: 745 CZK

Restaurant Hard Rock Cafe, 14. 2. 2017
Prague 1, Malé námestí 142/3, Phone: 224 229 529

Hard Rock Cafe Prague has prepared special 3 course Valentine´s Day menu & live performance by the Acoustic Noise Band. Santa Fe spring rolls, choice of main course - New York strip steak, Hickory smoked ribs, legendary burger, grilled salmon or cobb salad and hot fudge brownie with vanilla ice cream.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Terasa U Zlaté Studně, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, U Zlaté studně 166/4, Phone: 257 533 322

The Chef of restaurant Terasa u Zlaté Studně, Pavel Sapík, has prepared luxury Saint Valentine menu. Ceviche from scallops, duck liver terrine foie gras, lobster with young spinach, saffron risotto and lobster bisque, lamb chops in herb crust with sweet potato purée and chocolate ganache.

Price per person: 2.900 CZK

Restaurant CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Pobřežní 1, Hotel Hilton Prague, Phone: 224 841 111

Hotel Hilton restaurant Czechouse Grill has prepared festive St. Valentine´s dinner served as a buffet with unlimited consumption of wine and soft drinks. Caricaturist performance and Live music during evening. Beetroot & pear carpaccio, smoked salmon bagels, beef tenderloin skewers with grilled vegetable, grilled octopus tentacles, lavender & chocolate panna cotta, passion fruit mousse and more.

Price per two: 3.290 CZK

Restaurant Triton, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Václavské nám. 26, Phone: 221 081 218

Romantic restaurant located in the city centre has prepared special dinner for St. Valentine´s day. Roast breast of chicken with peanuts, grilled artichoke and Waldorf salad, chicken broth with noodles, vegetables and chilli, mango sorbet, roast fillet of veal with dried ham and mushroom risotto and green tea Panna Cotta with vanilla, sour cherry sauce and chocolate.

Price per person: 1.111 CZK

Restaurant Elements, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Náměstí Curieových 1/100, Hotel President, Phone: 234 614 113

Elements restaurants of President hotel has prepared special St. Valentines menu. Tuna carpaccio with lemon sauce and seared melon, saffron risotto with scallops and shelfish, veal filet with salsify sauce and potato fondant and chocolate terrine with champagne sorbet.

Price per person: 1.490 CZK

Restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Kaprova 5, Phone: 224 813 922

Cuban restaurant La Bodeguita del Medio has prepared 2 kinds of Valentine´s menu. Tuna tataki with goat cheese mousse, beef tenderloin Wellington with saffron risotto and lavender ice cream with chocolate espuma or tiger prawns with blanched vegetables and spicy salsa, sous-vide pork tenderloin on beluga lens with chilli and veal glaze and vanilla creme fraiche with flambé strawberries in Cuban rum.

Price per person: from 700 CZK

Restaurant Villa Richter, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Staré zámecké schody 6/251, Phone: 257 219 079

Restaurant Villa Richter located in the Prague Castle gardens has prepared has prepared luxury St. Valentine´s menu. Parfait of duck foie gras with caramelized pineapple, lemon sole with shrimp, pea puree and beurre blanc sauce with caviar or veal sirloin Rossini with potatoes and marsala sauce, strawberry sorbet and sweet raspberry variation.

Price per person: 1.290 CZK

Restaurant La Rotonde 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Štěpánská 40, Hotel Alcron, Phone: 222 820 410

La Rotonde, an elegant restaurant in the Art Deco style, has prepared special
5 course Valentine´s menu. Squid salad, chestnuts cream with smoked duck breast, potato-truffle gnocchi with chives emulsion, fillet of Monkfish with paella and mussels or roast veal sirloin and chest with chickpeas and morel sauce and Valentine desert for two.

Price per person: 1.350 CZK

Terasa U Prince, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Staroměstské náměstí 29, Phone: 737 261 842

Restaurant with unique view of the historical sites of Prague, Terasa U Prince, has prepared special 4 course menu for St. Valentines´s day. Grilled tiger prawns with red curry, creamy chicken soup with shitake mushrooms, grilled fillet of sea bass with spinach purée or roasted beef rib with celery purée and raspberry mousse with caramel and chocolate ice cream.

Price per person: 777 CZK

Restaurant Luka Lu, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Újezd 33, Phone: 257 212 388

Restaurant Luka Lu has prepared for St. Valentine´s day "compose your own" menu. Cold octopus salad, Italian prosciutto with yellow melon, Hungarian roasted peppers stuffed with cheese, grilled squid filled with parmesan and prosciutto, sea wolf grilled on lava grill, "Ploughman’s combination" (plljeskavica, čevapčiči, lamb sausages, chicken medallions, grilled potatoes) and caramelized apple with vanilla ice cream.

Price per person: A la carte

Restaurant Dutch Pub, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Vladislavova 17, Phone: 727 969 818

Stylish restaurant Dutch Pub has prepared for St. Valentine´s day special 3 course menu. Slices of marinated salmon with dill dressing, beef tenderloin with mushroom ragout and potatoes Grenaille a vanilla Panna cotta with caramel sauce.

Price per person: 690 CZK

Restaurace Chateau St. Havel, February 2018
Prague 4, Před nádražím 6, Phone: 241 445 717

Restaurant Chateau St. Havel offers unique Valentine´s menu for the whole February. Roasted guinea fowl with beetroot and goat cheese, lobster bisque, grilled scallops with dill sauce and ravioli filled with smoked salmon, roasted zander with fried potato, beef tenderloin with foie gras and truffle puree and white chocolate fondant with strawberry tartar.

Price per person: 1.290 CZK

Restaurant Il Capitano, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 3, Slavíkova 1571/6, Phone: 222 939 434

Italian restaurant Il capitano has prepared 2 kind of Valentine´s 7 course menu - with meat or fish. Deer carpaccio, duck pâté, quail eggs with truffle, octopus carpaccio, sashimi tuna cubes, scallops with pistachio purée, Agnolotti stuffed with creamy pecorino, veal tenderloin with Bordolese sauce and topinambur purée, black ravioli fillet with shrimp tartare, meagre fillet with spinach and dessert Valentine´s heart.

Price per person: 1.200 CZK

Restaurant Paloma, 14. 2. 2018
Průhonice , Květnové nám. 53, Phone: 220 188 610

Luxury restaurant Paloma in Průhonice has prepared for St. Valentine´s Day delicious 7 course menu. Scallop with sea urchin tartare, prawns with Casareccia pasta
in a risotto style, mojito Granité with raspberry flavours, sea bass with honey and
a creamy polenta with truffles, pink sugared almonds with raspberries with almond ice cream and raspberry with raspberry macarons and dark chocolate foam.

Price per person: 3.590 CZK

Restaurant Augustine, 14. 2. - 19. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Letenská 12/33, Hotel Augustine, Phone: 266 112 280

Augustine Restaurant has prepared for Valentine‘s Day 4 course menu complemented by live violin entertainment exclusively on 14th February. Mango, avocado and quinoa with coriander, lobster and scallops with champagne sauce, veal fillet with Jerusalem artichoke and dark chocolate and pistachio cake with black currant jelly.

Price per person: 1.580 CZK

Restaurant Kalina cuisine & vins, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Dlouhá 12, Phone: 222 317 715

Gourmet restaurant Kalina cuisine & vins offers selection of St. Valentine´s specials. Oyster with Bloody Mary granité, roasted duck breast with oriental couscous and coffee jus or Champagne sabayone with blood orange.

Price per person: A la carte

Gourmet restaurant in hotel Hoffmeister, 14. 2. - 18. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Pod Bruskou 7, hotel Hoffmeister, Phone: 251 017 111

In restaurant Ada the head chef has prepared a special 4 course Valentine menu. Terina from Guinea fowl with chestnuts and pancetta, kambala with fregola, pea puree and béarnaies sauce, beef flank steak with buckwheat croquette and chocolate sauce and strawberry tartar with pistachio ice cream.

Price per two: 1.595 CZK

Restaurant New York Café, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Senovážné nám. 13, Hotel Boscolo, Phone: 224 593 886

Noble restaurant in hotel Boscolo has prepared romantic 4 course Valentine menu. Goat cheese in pastry, foie gras terrine, halibut with baby spinach leaves and parmesan-quark gnocchi, veal tenderloin medallions with smoked potato pureé and grilled asparagus in pancetta and strawberries with mascarpone and chocolate.

Price per two: 3.100 CZK

Brewery U Tří růží, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Husova 10, Phone: 225 226 650

Brewery restaurant U tří růží has prepared for the Valentine´s day romantic menu. Courgette roll stuffed with dill gervais and marinated salmon, cheese with walnuts, grilled chicken supreme or pork in a fennel crust with gratin potatoes and demi-glace sauce and vanilla and whipped cream with caramelised apple. Bottle of Crémant d’Alsace included.

Price per two: 1.490 CZK

Restaurant Nostress, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Dušní 10, Phone: 222 317 007

Restaurant Nostress café located in the Old town offers special Valentine´s day menu. Artichokes with poached egg and parmesan, prawns with shrimp velouté, seabass fillet with vegetable aumoniére, duck breast with orange and cranberries with fondant potatoes and chocolate biscuit with white chocolate and raspberry jelly.

Price per two: 900 CZK

Restaurace Le Grill, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Hybernská 12, Hotel The Grand Mark, Phone: 226 226 126

Elegantní restaurace Le Grill připravila romantické svatovalentýnské menu o 4 chodech. Welcome drink, králík s pistáciemi, marinovanými višněmi a vanilkovou omáčkou, tomatová polévka, pečený telecí hřbet s lanýžem, chřestem a omáčkou z madeiry a vanilkové srdce s čerstvými jahodami, sušenými plátky růží a jahodovým sorbetem.

Price per person: 1.190 CZK

Restaurant Bresto, 14. 2. 2018
Prague 1, Štěpánská 31, Phone: 222 212 810

Italian restaurant Bresto has prepared special 4 course St. Valentine´s degustation menu. Roché form Foie Gras in Valrhon chocolate with hazelnuts and forest fruits, sepia tagliolini with squid on topinambur cream with ricotta, monkfish with pine nuts, pistachios and cherry tomatoes with spinach in butter and truffle chocolate fondant with vanilla cream or Zabaione with strawberry ragout and mint.

Price per person: 700 CZK

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